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“A little more farther, a little more farther…”
But when Rolly gets to the square, he discovers that the race may already be finished. Will Rolly be able to join the race? This children’s book is filled with colourful illustrations and simple stories that toddlers and parents will delight in reading together. New game “Where is Rolly?” is added in ver2.1 for iPad. Currently available in the following languages: Chinese, English, Italian and Japanese. * for iPad :Released on April, 2012, ver1.1 Dec 2012, ver2.1 (for iPad) July 2014






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Lollie tries something different,Picture Books, Free萝立做点不一样的事 | 롤리의 새로운 경험 | लोल्ली ने कुच्छ अलग करके देखा | Lollie prova qualcosa di diverso | การผจญภัย่ของลิลลี่
Lollie is an active and curious girl. She loves to try something new. Fen-Min, the artist in Taiwan illustrates cute character for colourful picture book. “Lollie tries something different” is currently available in the following languages: Chinese,English,German, Hindu Italian,Japanese, Korean and Thai. German language is added on ver1.6. * for iPad and iPhone ,Released on September, 2011, ver1.6 Nov 2012




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This small application allows you to see the iPad device information and status such as model name and UDID. You can send the information via e-mail and save to paste board. * for iPad and iPhone , Released on October, 2011